Our Difference

Our major point of difference is that everything we do is designed to ensure that our clients remain in control of the entire website production & management process.

We don’t talk technical “mumbo jumbo” that only serves to confuse you, we talk everyday business English and ensure that you understand the options that the internet presents your business. Web Force 5 have developed a unique scoping and quoting process that removes the ambiguity that can often be associated with website or other online consulting projects.

Our customers consistently comment on how different the experience they have with Web Force 5 is when compared to other providers because:

  • They are presented with options for every element of the engagement
  • They feel in control
  • We do not confuse them by using technical jargon that they don’t understand
  • The pricing is transparent, flexible and usually a fraction of the cost of other options
  • The ongoing support that we provide is unparalleled within the industry

The efficiencies that our process orientation brings to our engagements provide our customers with significant cost savings and predictable results – on time, on budget. Combined with our local service infrastructure our customers receive the guidance and support that is often promised but rarely delivered. The fact that less than 1% of our clients since 2011 have left us is probably the best testimony to how different Web Force 5 is to traditional online consulting firms.