If you were trying to build a BMW or a Rolls Royce from scratch would you try to do that with second hand Holden and Ford parts?

That’s what the average website developer does when they are building your website, they cobble together different pieces of software from a variety of sources with little thought to your longer term website needs. This approach has a number of distinct disadvantages including:

  • You have to learn how to use a number of different systems in order to manage your website
  • The web developer is the only one that knows how he has glued it all together and hence you are reliant on them for any new functions
  • It can be expensive to grow your website as your business grows, if in fact it is even possible

Our integrated website platform allows you to do things that the average business could previously only dream of, because the costs were typically prohibitive. With a Web Force 5 website there are no "bolt on" software applications, you get a fully integrated system that we upgrade for free which includes:

  • Shopping Cart
  • E-Marketing
  • Login access areas (member/staff extranet/other)
  • Online forms
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Search engine configuration system
  • Image galleries
  • Much more

You get all of this functionality, whether you use it or not, and there are no costs associated with using any of the functions or the upgrades that we apply to the system regularly.