Search Engine Visibility

Most of our customers want to appear on the first page of Google but many do not have the budget often charged by Search Engine Optimisation consultants.

In response to this need Web Force 5 provide an integrated search engine optimisation system as part of the website Content Management System. Designed so that the average non-technical computer user can complete the work required to optimise their website this presents a huge cost saving for Web Force 5 customers. The Search Engine configuration system allows you to:

  • Optimize your use of images
  • Create unique, accurate page titles
  • Make your site easier to navigate
  • Use heading tags appropriately
  • Implement your keyword strategy

All of the above are important aspects of obtaining the search ranking you desire and the ability for you to manage it yourself will save you thousands of dollars. However, the search optimization landscape changes constantly and we are committed to remaining informed in relation to those changes and making system changes as required. Your Account Manager will provide assistance and guidance and we can complete the work required for you for a fraction of what is normally charged, if you prefer that approach.

For businesses that need additional Search Optimization or Search Marketing services we have the experience and resources that can structure a plan that suits your needs and budget.