Does My Business Need Social Media

There is no “across the board” answer to this question but if you are selling to people who use or who are influenced by people who use Social Media then the answer is probably yes.

That’s our perspective anyway but it means nothing until you have established for yourself that a Social Media strategy has to become part of your business plan.

Our customers are typically small to medium businesses or business managers and owners who don’t spend their lives on Facebook (if they even have a Facebook account) and in many cases don’t really understand Social Media. That’s why we provide all of our customers with free Social Media education as their entrée’ into the Social Media maze. These education sessions are designed to:

  • Demystify social media and explain the power of social media for small business
  • Help you determine if Social Media is relevant to your business
  • Provide framework for you to use to create your own Social Media plan
  • Connect you with other business people confronted with similar challenges
  • Help you determine what assistance you might need

All participants of these education sessions will receive a follow up consultation with our director of Social Media to discuss any lingering questions and to help identify and clarify the opportunities Social Media presents for their business. Additional resources or activities will be suggested at this stage and you will leave with a roadmap of action points to make Social Media a reality for your business.