Which Social Platforms?

Making decisions about which of the Social Media platforms best suit your objectives can only be done once your strategy is clear and your target audiences have been defined.

For some businesses it may be as simple as getting your business LinkedIn page created and for others it may be a number of platforms working together to make it all happen. Understanding the options that the various platforms present and how they can be used to support your Social Media strategy requires experience and knowledge that simply does not exist within most businesses. The Web Force 5 Social Media planning tools allow us to work with you to:

  • Determine the high potential platforms appropriate for your business
  • Identify the resources you will use to manage each platform
  • Confirm the volume and frequency of use for each platform
  • Understand how each platform supports your overall Social Media strategy

Understanding the potential that each platform presents your business and the resources and expertise required to use the platforms will in large part shape the execution plan for your overarching Social Media strategy. Web Force 5 has the tools and expertise to make sense out of this conundrum for your business.