Implementing & Managing

Social Media is a living breathing thing, it needs constant attention and if you are to realise the objectives you have for Social Media, nothing can be random.

Creating a plan is the first step but then decisions need to be made around who will manage which components of your Social Media presence. Selecting the receptionist to be your Facebook manager because he/she is active on her personal Facebook is a disaster waiting to happen. If you do not have the right resources internally (and know what they are) and you do not have the budget to engage external help our advice would be: STOP!!!

It all comes from the plan. If your planning has been thorough and honest then you will have a well-defined content library/calendar.  Maybe the right thing for you is to have one person creating the content, another person posting it and yet another helping you to review and report. Spreading the load and understanding the different skills and competencies required to execute should be part of the planning process. The Web Force 5 Social Media planning tools allow us to:

  • Isolate the internal resources you can use to execute
  • Determine what external assistance you require
  • Decide whether you want to outsource or develop internal capabilities
  • Create a transition from outsourced to internally managed social networking

Having a great strategy is one thing but having a realistic and achievable execution and maintenance plan is another thing all together. At Web Force 5 we will ensure that you understand your options and that as a Web Force 5 customer you always have those one–off overflow resource options.