Website Functionality Checklist

  • Integrated System


    Web Force 5 facilitates a structured 1.5 hour website planning and scoping process for everyone we connect with designed to educate you as to you options and help you make the decisions that lead to online success. Using a unique website scoping tool we make it easy to:

  • Locally Based Support


    Every Web Force 5 customer is provided with a dedicated “Australian based, Australian” website advisor who is available for free day to day assistance and guidance. Your website advisor stays with you through the development process and remains your central point of contact for any questions you may have in relation to your website. In addition, your website advisor facilitates a monthly website review and planning meeting where the agenda is based on your priorities and designed to ensure that you stay on track with your website development plans. This is a free service provided to all Web Force 5 customers and is one of the main reasons why we have experienced less than a 2% client turnover rate in the last four years.

  • Easy To Use Content Management System


    The Web Force 5 Content Management System has been designed specifically so that non-technical people can create and edit all of the content on their website. At no additional cost you can create web pages, image galleries, forms, shopping cart products and any other content that your online strategy and business requires. We would be delighted to show you how easy the system is to use so that you can accurately compare it with other options you may be considering.

  • E-Marketing System


    The e-marketing function allows you to send an unlimited number of marketing initiatives to specific segments of your database of prospects and clients. Personalised to each recipient and signed by their nominated relationship manager there is no limit to the number of e-newsletters, promotions or other marketing initiatives and there are no additional costs for using this function either. The system allows you to create automated e-marketing campaigns that support  your online engagement objectives.

  • Shopping Cart


    Using the same Content Management System as you use to create web pages, you can create a fully functional shopping cart on your website that is set up to cater for your preferred payment method. You can have multiple Shopping Carts, so that your distributors or agents can purchase online with different pricing that only they have access to. There is no limit to the number of products or the layout of products in the Shopping Cart and the Shopping Cart comes as part of the integrated Web Force 5 system – no additional costs. The Shopping Cart functions cater for easily configured promotions, discounts and shipping variations allowing you to create and manage promotional programs that align with your target audiences needs and online purchasing behaviour.

  • Reporting


    Understanding what is happening on your website is central to you being in a position to make good decisions in relation to your overall online strategy. The Web Force 5 system allows you to track who has read your e-marketing and who has not, what pages people are reading, how long they stay on your website and much more. The reporting functions integrate with Google Analytics or operate as stand-alone reports.

  • Search Engine Optimisation


    The Web Force 5 website system allows you to easily optimise specific pages on your website and to ensure that the entire site is optimised for search engine visibility yourself allowing you to avoid expensive optimisation charges. The Web Force 5 system has integrated the search optimisation function in to the content management system so that you optimise content as you create it. You may still need some guidance in relation to the content to be optimised but the technical aspect of this important function has been drastically simplified for Web Force 5 website owners and website managers.

  • Forms / Surveys


    You can create an unlimited number of online forms or surveys using the Web Force 5 Content Management System. Whether they be enquiry forms, customer feedback forms, exams or competitions this functionality allows you to capture information and use that information to create reports or analyse performance at a number of levels. Form responses can be sent to anyone that needs to see them and information submitted via forms can be captured in the website database, providing you with an ever increasing list of new prospects or additional profile based information on people that you already know.

  • Customer Relationship Management


    The Web Force 5 website system allows you to use your website as your client and prospect database management system. In addition the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions allow you to control who has access to client records, to create contact reports, manage you sales pipeline and use it in support of a variety of other client relationship management or sales funnel management activities. You are able to set reminders for sales or support groups that are sent to their email addresses so that commitments are kept and deadlines are met. In summary we have replicated the top 15% of functions used by most businesses when they purchase expensive CRM systems and we give it to all of our customers for free.

  • Private Client Access Areas


    You can create member access areas for an unlimited number of different groups. Whether they be VIP clients, website members or staff, you can provide them with access to content that is relevant to them. Via login access your client or staff groups can gain access to any content that makes your website a portal that they can use on an ongoing basis to access guides, shopping carts and other content that is designed to make your website a resource rather than a simple online brochure.

  • Social Media Integration


    Social Media has become an important aspect of the online profile for many businesses across a variety of industries. The Web Force 5 website system caters for the seamless integration of your social media platforms to your website. Whether it be incorporating Facebook comments on content, Twitter feeds or other social media integration your Web Force 5 website allows that integration to occur in order to ensure that your online profile and strategy is consistent and all of your online platforms work in a coordinated fashion in support of your overall online objectives.

  • System Upgrades


    Web Force 5 has a policy of continuous improvement to the website system we provide our customers. Based on suggestions or requests that we receive from our customers we evaluate those requests on the basis that they would be of benefit to our broader customer base. Where we determine that the request would benefit the majority of our customers we simply build that new functionality and leverage it to all customers without any disruption to their website and we do it at no cost to our customers. This is an ongoing process designed to ensure that our customers always have the most up to date and relevant website functions and that those functions remain easy to use for non-technical website owners and business managers.

  • Security


    All Web Force 5 websites are hosted in a commercial quality Tier 1 hosting environment with full backup redundancy protocols applied. We are continually upgrading security protocols and the hardware infrastructure at no cost to our clients in order to ensure that your website remains live to the internet and so that you and your customers are protected from unwanted online threats or spam.